4 reasons to get on the trainer

I am often asked how I can sit on the trainer for 2-5 hours at a time. Here is what motivates me to just jump on and train. 4 reasons to get on the trainer is an article that I hope can help you find motivation to train indoors.


5 Meals That Don’t Require Refrigeration or Cooking.

Ever finish a long mountain bike ride and find yourself at your car so hungry? If you are anything like me, when I go on mountain bike trips I am nowhere near restaurants or electricity for that matter. So when I finish my rides I need a hearty meal asap or on comes the “hang-er.” After many hangry moments I have finally found 5 meals that do not need refrigeration or cooking that don’t suck. I hope these 5 Meals that require no refrigeration or cooking help others be able to re-energize quickly to get back to adventure.


3 fears of mountain biking and how to overcome them

Here are 3 fears of mountain biking and how to overcome them:


As someone just starting out, crashing seems scary. No one wants to get injured, sadly we have day jobs. I know I am always thinking about my hands as a dental hygienist. Some days I cannot overcome this fear and have to realize it or I start making silly mistakes and end up crashing. But one thing that really helps me on the trail is having my husband ride ahead of me.  It helps to follow a line by someone else especially on an unfamiliar trail.  Also seeing someone ride over certain obstacles gives me confidence. One thing you do have to remember, is always follow your gut. If you hesitate, get off and walk it. I promise, I have learned this the hard way too many times. (more…)

Red River Gorge MTB 100 Race Report

From the mouth of a novice woman mountain biker: Going into this with 2 major mountain bike races under my belt, I was a still a little nervous for my first 100.  I have completed several 100k’s and training road century’s but this was a different kind of beast. (more…)